The temperatures are rising and the upcoming Memorial Day means many will be traveling. While the warmth is here, it isn’t going to stay, but the upkeep of roadways is necessary for driver safety and comfort.

“Work has started much sooner than that at the close of construction season last year. Our team is preparing for next year. We’ve already done some of the surveys, we’ve done some visual inspections,” Bismarck’s assistant city engineer Linda Oster said.

Oster said about 10 locations in Bismarck need maintenance. A map is available to give all the current projects in progress.

“Either it needs a mill and overlay or needs to be reconstructed. The mill and overlay is important because it keeps that facility in operation much longer,” Oster said.

So whether grabbing a bite to eat, or making a quick trip up the street, crews are working to make sure that the commute can be smooth and operable.

“A lot of these will encompass the entire season. This gives them an opportunity to realize what’s really going on,” Oster said.

Sidewalks will also be undergoing necessary maintenance work.

“We have a concrete pavement repair project along with some others that we will be working on, utility work, and some street lighting and that sort of thing in the downtown area,” Oster said.

You can click here to learn more about city of Bismarck road repairs.