Hurricane season starts on June 1st and it goes until November 30th. When you look at the season, the peak is on September 10th.

You can see based on the year as a whole, we have seen hurricanes and tropical storms before June 1st and after November 30th… it’s just that we see the bulk of them within those dates. And it’s easy to see that the most active part of the season is now (September).

With the tropics not showing any signs of slowing down, we’re soon to see more names on this list (below) get checked off. It’s only been a few times in history where we’ve exhausted this list and had to use the greek alphabet.

This list is accurate as of 7 AM September 8th, 2021

Since the mid-1800s, our frequency of hurricanes has been on the rise. The average number we see in a given year is seven. We are favored to see an above-average number again this year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – or NOAA – predicts anywhere from 7 to 10 hurricanes for this season. We’ve already seen five. The highest number of hurricanes was in 2015 at fifteen. Last year, in 2020, we rivaled that fourteen hurricanes.

By the middle of the season, the numbers get revamped based on trends. NOAA has actually risen their expectations slightly for this year for tropical systems as a whole. That’s hurricanes AND Tropical storms combined. As far as total tropical systems, we are slated to see 15-21… we’ve already seen 12 this year. Of the 7-10 hurricanes predicted… NOAA says 3 to 5 could be major hurricanes – meaning a category three or higher. We’ve already seen three major hurricanes between Grace, Ida, and Larry.

What starts off as a disturbance over water can quickly intensify. Since 1980, these tropical systems have taken over 65-hundred lives. The number one killer is the storm surge. Forty-nine percent of deaths from hurricanes and tropical storms come from the rapidly rising water. The average cost of a single tropical cyclone is 21.5 billion dollars. In the last 30 years, they’ve cost the United States just under a trillion dollars total.