Today activists Greta Thunberg and Tokata Iron Eyes were the featured guests of the Standing Rock High School. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe made headlines over a stand-off surrounding the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

High School students from all over the reservation, past and present tribal leadership, and members of the public were in attendance to listen to both young women. Both speakers were invited to talk about their experiences working in environmental activism at such young ages. After they introduced themselves, the two young women took questions from the audience, with Greta talking about one of the reasons she is visiting America.

And as Tokata said it, we as teenagers shouldn’t be the ones taking the responsibility it should be those who are in power.

Greta Thunberg

At the end the young women and their fathers were given gifts from the high school in the from of Star Blankets and High School Letterman jackets.

As a very special gift Greta received a name from Chief Arvol Looking Horse. Translated into English it means, “Woman Who Came From the Heavens”.