A high-impact winter storm will begin entering southwest North Dakota on Tuesday morning. By the afternoon heavy and wet snow will be falling fast as winds pick up, gusting to 60 mph through Wednesday morning. Blowing snow will allow ground blizzards to last through Thursday. Any time the wind is blowing 35 mph or more for a minimum of 3 hours, while snow is in the air reducing visibility to 1/4 mile or less; we have a blizzard.

Northwest North Dakota and Montana will be mostly unaffected by the storm. There will be a distinct cut-off line near Williston and Sidney where we don’t have falling snow. Because the wind will be gusting around 60 miles per hour in central and eastern North Dakota, the western areas with less snow will still be able to accumulate drifts and blowing snow and fog through Thursday.

Accumulations will range from 1 to 3 inches in the west and 4 to 8 inches between Williston and Minot. Near Minot, southwest to Dickinson there will be a line of heavy snow to the east and lighter totals to the west. Near Bismarck totals will range from 12 to 20 inches with totals up to 2 feet toward Ashley and into eastern North Dakota.

Travel will remain difficult with many roads closures likely through Thursday while crews work to clear roads after dangerous wind gusts end. Please plan ahead for impacts to last through Thursday at a minimum. Flights and travel plans may need to be adjusted. Stay tuned and follow us online to join in on our live Q&A storm forecasts.