Governor Burgum In Mott To Survey Tornado Damage


Bismarck – The Welcome to Mott sign is a perfect example of the damage caused by Friday’s EF-1 tornado that rolled through the town under the cover of darkness, snapping it like a small twig, on Tuesday Governor Doug Burgum was in Mott to see the damage with his own eyes.

“We gotta put some storm shelters in place, we need some places for people to go” Said Mott Mayor Troy Mosbrucker

Storm shelters are just one thing Mott officials say they need in the future to protect their residents.

As for the 800 or so people who call Mott home– some of their lives have been turned upside down by Friday’s EF-1 tornado.

The National Weather Service says Friday’s twister began just north of town before ending near the Hettinger County Fairgrounds.

But even though the tornado missed the central business district, the damage it did do will have a lasting impact on the people it affected.

Tuesday, with dark clouds threatening in the distance, Governor Doug Burgum and emergency officials from Mott and Hettinger County all boarded a small bus and took a tour of the ravagsed areas, and they got quite a show, from grain silos toppled and twisted like pop cans, to one woman who showed the governor where her garage once stood.

The tour ended at the Hettinger County Fairgrounds…where the governor saw the destroyed exhibition building, under the twisted rubble remained many submissions from the 4-h club, that will never get the chance to be viewed, instead ruined by mother nature’s fury.

“There are some things that we’re taking away from this, one of the things that happened when the sirens were going off was because of the wind direction and the noise from the storm is people couldn’t hear it here at the county fair, so one of our takeaways is we gotta get that siren for the city of Mott extended out to the fairgrounds,” said Governor Burgum

Also on the tour was Mott Mayor Troy Mosbrucker who tells KX News everywhere he looks he sees more damage.

“Somebody stopped me and said have you been up to the car wash and I said no, so I go up there and pull in the parking lot and I said “oh my god” I mean there’s 16 doors, there’s one left and the roof was gone, it was just amazing” said Mayor Mosbrucker

Both the Governor and Mott officials thanked the National Weather Service, for getting the warning out nearly a half hour before the tornado touched down, it’s critical minutes that most likely saved lives.

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