NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — When particles from the sun charged with energy begin to strike molecules and atoms in Earth’s atmosphere, the collision results in a spectacular arrangement that can be seen in the night sky.

The dancing lights have always meant different things to different people. The Inuit thought that they were the spirits of their ancestors. The Norse believed it was the breath of soldiers who died in combat and went to Valhalla in the afterlife, or the gleaming armor of the Valkyries who led them there. Even if we don’t attribute the same mystique to these natural wonders, they still serve to capture the imagination of people across the world with their mysterious and fantastic appearance.

The lights are so beautiful, in fact, that plenty of citizens across the state have sent KX phenomenal pictures of the aurora. So many that we can’t fit them all on our social pages! Here are a few of our favorite photographs of the Aurora Borealis across North Dakota, sent in by our viewers across the past week.

Viewer-submitted Aurora Borealis pictures

Pictures can only show parts of the beauty of Aurora Borealis, though. In order to see the northern lights in their full glory, it’s better to observe them on video. And thankfully, David Abernathy managed to capture this spectacular time-lapse of the aurora over Hurricane Lake Church in Baker on Sunday, September 4.

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