Rural areas of McLean County got a taste of Mother Nature first thing Tuesday morning.

Around 10:30 a.m., the Weather Service sent out reports of barns blown down all around the Turtle Lake area.

“Right when we came around the corner and seen the first one gone, drove around some debris and seen the other barns were gone,” shared Richard and Susanna Lindteigens.

The Hat Ranch, which sits right outside Turtle Lake, sustained damage not only to one of its barns, but four of them.

This isn’t the first time the Lindteigens have seen severe weather cause such damage completely throwing a whole barn across a field and flattening stacks of hay.

Richard says one barn has had to be replaced three times already– all due to severe weather.

“God has a plan for us. We just have to listen to him. And hear his work,” shared the Lindteigens.

Many property owners along Highway 200 also saw damage from the strong winds.

Courtney Hayes had not one but two campers completely toppled and destroyed one that he just purchased two weeks ago.

“We just got it packed up yesterday. We were going up to our sons this weekend,” shared Hayes.

Hayes says at one during this morning’s storm, the wind was so strong he thought the windows of his house were going to break.

This comes just one day after he finished repairing damage caused by a hail storm that hit the area last year.

“We had hail damage on the west side of the house and the shop. I just got that finished last night. And now we got hit with the here today,” explained Hayes.

Both properties will have to wait to clean up as insurance adjusters are set to go out and check out the severity of the damage.

The Lindteigens said that it’s very common for their area to be hit, pretty hard.