Sunday was much warmer across western North Dakota than it was the last few days, as a result of a warm front that moved through the region overnight. However, behind that warm front is another cold front which will quickly bring our temperatures back down to where they were before. We can expect mostly some cloud cover, with a few more breaks in the clouds toward the north-central going into the overnight tonight. After a brief break from the cloud cover on Monday afternoon, some snow will start to approach from the west. This snow will be widespread, and amounts will depend on how fast the clipper system moves on through. The heaviest accumulations look to be between Devil’s Lake and Grand Forks, whereas the north and northwest part of the state can expect anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. Toward the south and south-central, it appears that it should not amount to more than a trace amount. We will of course keep you updated as this system develops. There will be a brief rise in temperatures mid-week, not quite as warm as Sunday, and may not be enough to melt the snow, so those that are hoping for a white Christmas may get their wish granted!

-Meteorologist Mike Dandrea