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It has been so cold this week! We’ve all been digging out our thicker jackets since we’ve been dropping into the 30s. The daytime highs in the 50s have actually been below average.

The jet stream has dipped below us and an upper level low over the Hudson Bay has been funneling colder air into North Dakota, keeping our daytime highs below average. 

This pattern will persist and according to the climate prediction center, we’re slated to stay this way through the first part of October. 

As you can see, we’re dropping into the 40s at the end of the week. That’s historically a pretty cold Hostfest forecast. 

Check out the last few years. I have this color coded for the above average and below average days. There have been several years passed where we were in the 80s! 

The Hostfest use to be a little further in October but it seemed that snow was an inhibitor and slowed things down… so they moved it to late Sept and early October. If you look at the last several years, the weather has been in their favor. 

Luckily it looks like some of the temperatures should be closer to what we would be considered normal for the second week of October but remember, the average high drops each day so by then the average highs would be in the mid to upper 50s.

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