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Hi again folks…Don’t know where to start today really…we’ve got quite a bit of wet weather ahead.

But will it be white? that’s the question.

Lets start with what we are certain with…there will be a potent system developing late in the weekend and moving toward the northeast. 

If you look at this upper air picture, if the low moves closer to North Dakota, that will bring in more warmer air, meaning more rain for folks…if the low heads for Minnesota for example, we would see a snowier scenario in the Bismarck area…

Right now i’m thinking somewhere in the middle, which is a forecasting nightmare…I think western areas have a greater than 75% chance of plowable snow with eastern areas looking at mostly rain…but it’s that middle 50 or 75 miles where the biggest question is…

There is still much uncertainty with this storm so a lot can change between now and Sunday, so stay turned for updates!


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