The Summer Solstice happens this weekend

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It’s already felt like Summer. We’ve seen sweltering temperatures in the 90s, severe storms, and the kids are out of school. But the calendar technically still says it’s Spring… and there’s a certain time on a certain day where that changes.

This year, that time and day is this June 20th. That’s this Saturday at 4:43 pm. That’s the official calendar kick-off to Summer. This also marks the longest day of the year in terms of daylight.

The sun will rise at 5:48 AM and set at 9:40 PM. This will give us 15 hours, 52 minutes, and 5 seconds of daylight. But even though the next day will be shorter, you’ll hardly notice it with a 2-second difference.

So here’s what’s happening… the earth isn’t perfectly straight up and down. In fact, It’s at a 23.5-degree tilt at all times. With its 1 year journey around the sun, it’s that tilt that helps bring us the seasons. We’re coming out of our Spring season, which started back on March 19th of this year. The sun’s rays were directly over the equator. Ever since that day, the sun’s rays have been slowly rising to their highest peak. This is the Summer Solstice. They’ll start to slowly fall towards the equator again and once they do, that will be the beginning of fall.

Once the fall season begins, the sun’s angles start getting lower for the rest of the year.
But that doesn’t mean we’ll get cooler. In fact, we get warmer. The Earth has a lag time for when it hits its peak temperature. Our seasonal average continues to rise for roughly another five weeks. It won’t be until the end of July that we’ll hit our peak average daytime high.

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