What is the wind chill and how is it calculated?

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We often call the wind chill the “feels like” temperature. It puts into perspective how it actually feels when the wind blows.

Our bodies naturally lose heat in our surrounding atmosphere. With little to no wind, we can hold on to that heat for a little longer. So 20 degrees will feel like 20 degrees with no wind. Now, when the wind picks up…. that’s a different story.

Let’s say it’s still 20 degrees but the wind picks up to 20 miles per hour. The wind is not only breaking up the warm insulating layer we have, but it’s also evaporating moisture in your skin which cools the body down faster… and can lead to eventual frostbite. With that 20 miles per hour wind, 20 degrees feels like four degrees to your body. That’s the wind chill. This is why it’s much colder when it’s windier.

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