It’s good to cast a wider weather net every once in a while to check on our fellow global citizens.

We start in India where torrential rain has caused deadly flooding. Eleven people have died from flooding that triggered mudslides in India’s remote northeast region. Seven hundred villages are under water and nearly 200-thousand people have been cut off from the rest of the state as roads and bridges are either blocked or washed away.

Flooding has also been a big problem in Queensland, Australia. Water is still subsiding after a years worth of rain fell in 24 hours. After similar flooding in February, many farmers replanted their crops only to have them wiped out again.

This has caused an anticipated rise in the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables. One woman was killed when her car submerged. Three others have also perished due to the flooding.

From too much rain to too much heat. That’s what many in western Europe are contending with this week. After most of Europe experienced a colder than normal April, the weather pattern has changed and the temperatures are rising. They will experience some of the highest temperatures in the world this week with much of Spain and France reaching into the mid-90s. That is considered well above average for them this time of year.

Next, we head across the globe back to the United States where most of the western half of the country is still under a drought. That drought has led to many wildfires across seven states. So far this year, 1.3 million acres have burned.

The most burning right now is in New Mexico where over 350 thousand acres are currently on fire. The US has seen over 25,000 wildfires so far this year, which surpasses the 10-year average of just under 19,000 for this time of year.